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20 Things Successful People Do To Stay Motivated

What It Truly Takes To Succeed In Internet Marketing as an Solopreneur

If you’re trying to make a full-time income as an Entrepreneur, you should know that success in this endeavor takes a lot more than technical skill and knowledge on building and managing websites. In this article, we will talk about the most important skills you need to have in order to make consistent income from your work.

1. Knowledge on buying cycles

If you get this right, you can sell practically any product in any market. There are roughly three stages to the buying cycle:  awareness, consideration and purchase. When people are aware about a certain product, they will almost automatically consider if the product is for them and will buy it after some thought.

Even when you only understand the basics of the buying cycle, it will dramatically change the way you do things. For example, if you’re using Google search information marketing as your method for reaching out to customers, you will be narrowing your efforts so that you’re only targeting keywords that are in the so-called purchase stage of the buying cycle, thus giving you more buck for your effort.

2. Knowledge about customer’s hot buttons

Despite what you might think, people actually buy on impulse then justify their purchase after.  So what makes people buy? Emotional reasons or hot buttons. It could be that they feel the product is going to make them feel good or make their loved ones happy. Alleviating pain is also another reason why people buy. The common belief is that people buy on emotion and then justify their purchase afterward. If you know your customers’ hot buttons, it’s easy enough to make a sale.

3. Studying a marketing method and sticking to it

There are many ways that you can do Internet Marketing: you can do Facebook ads, search engine information marketing or Search Engine Optimization, advertising on different websites through ad networks.

Any one of those methods can earn you money, but you can also lose a lot if you’re not careful. Which is why before you do Internet marketing full time, make sure you study any of the methods we mentioned earlier and stick to it until you make money. Many beginning and intermediate Internet marketers make the mistake of hopping from one method to another, or chasing one shiny object and then another, and complain about losing money with no sales to show for it, or not losing money but not making any either. Don’t make this mistake, your life will be more peaceful and profitable that way.

In all, Internet marketing is one real method of earning income from the Internet. It’s better than a regular sales job because you can sell different products in different markets. Also, you’re not pressured to reach any sales quota (Read: You won’t have any sales manager breathing down your neck).

However, make no mistake, there is a learning curve to it and it may take some time before you make any sales. Just be patient, and just know that if you consistently exert effort, you will get there.



What do highly successful people have that others don’t?  What contributes to their success? It has nothing to do with money or even luck.

It’s all about motivation. What do successful people do to help keep them motivated?

Here are 10 steps successful people do to keep motivated:

1. They set goals

I mean specific goals. While your ultimate goal may be to become rich, what mini, more focused, goals is it going to take to get you there?

For example, instead of saying you want to have a booming business or to own a home, start by saying you plan to develop a sound business plan or put $5,000 in your savings.

Create short-term goals that are to the point. Something that is tangible that is within your reach.

“A goal properly set is halfway reached.” – Zig Ziglar

2. They create a plan of action

What are goals without a plan to help you reach them?

Successful people know what it takes to reach their goals, and they create a plan of action that will serve as the roadmap to get them there.

Let’s take one of our goal examples. If your goal is to create a business plan, your plan of action should include writing a summary of your business idea, researching your competition, looking at different marketing strategies, researching different finance options, etc.


3. They schedule things

Feeling like you don’t have enough time can be overwhelming, and it can really halt your motivation.

The trick to staying motivated and getting things done is scheduling. In fact, many successful people don’t use to-do lists, they live by their calendar instead.

Break down your day into hourly, 30-minute, or even 15-minute intervals and schedule everything. I mean everything. Pencil in time to exercise, relax, run errands. It may seem tedious, but scheduling will really help structure your day and get things done.


4. They have an accountability partner

Peer pressure can be a wonderful thing for motivation. Share your goals, or even your calendar, with a friend or accountability partner. If nothing else gets your butt moving, having someone continually check up on you or ask you how you’re doing with your action plan, will.


5. They reframe negative situations  

We all have setbacks. We sometimes even completely fail. But successful people don’t let setbacks stop them. Instead, they reframe the situation and look at it differently.

Rather than spending time reflecting on what they did wrong and how they failed, they spend time thinking about what they could have done differently and how to improve the next time around.



6. They bounce back

Since we’re talking about setbacks, successful people reframe a bad situation, and then they move on. They assume that they alone have the power to change things, and they take the steps to make those changes.


7. They have fun

If you’re not having any fun, chances are you aren’t going to be motivated to do great things. If you take everything seriously, you’re going to start resenting your goal and may even discard it completely.

Sure, there are going to be elements of your action plan, or even daily tasks, that are just no fun. Nothing can change that. But let’s make them a bit more enjoyable to keep your motivation up!

Challenge yourself to get things done faster and more efficiently. Or take a second out of your day to watch a funny video online. Adding some fun, and humor, into your day can help keep your motivation going.


8. They write down everything

Not all ideas are going to be great ideas, and that’s fine. Motivated people write things down. Why? Because ideas don’t stay in our minds for very long and you never know when an idea will actually be great.

Writing things down also helps you keep your focus, reminding you what you’re working on, and working towards.


9. They meditate

What do successful people like Oprah, News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch, and Ford Motor Company Chairman Bill Ford have in common?

They all take time each day to meditate. Meditation has been known to help lower your stress, improve performance and make you more productive.

It doesn’t take hours of transcendental meditation. Sitting for 20 minutes in peace and quiet, focusing on nothing but your breath, will do wonders for your productivity and motivation.


10. They visualize their future

Remember those goals we talked about? Both, focused and long-term? Successful people think about what they want to achieve. They look at the bigger picture. Before he hit it big, Jim Carrey often pictured directors interested in him. Keep your goals in mind. Visualize them. Stay motivated to them.

“I am the greatest. I said that even before I knew I was. I figured that if I said it enough, I would convince the world that I really was the greatest.” – Muhammad Ali

Motivation is a funny thing. It comes and it goes. But the difference between people that succeed and those that don’t is that successful people remain motivated. They use these tricks to keep them working toward their goals, so that they can achieve their dreams.

In addition to the points above: Something to do for you this week. 7 Day Work schedule

7 Ways/Days to Be Unstoppable While Growing Your Business

Sometimes when you are a Solopreneur, you run into people that want to disagree with how you view the world and put you down. Unfortunately there are people that are under the illusion that they get paid to shoot down the dreams of others. Here are 7 ways on how you can be unstoppable while building your business.

1. Understand that building a homebased business opportunity is a numbers game

This is very critical for people to understand. When you talk to anywhere from 5-30 people per day, you never get hung up on just one. When you prospect a decent number of people every single day, pretty soon you are following up with 5-10 people per day and when you do that, no individual that shoots you down will stand out that much.

2. Don’t be addicted to an outcome

When you very first saw your homebased business opportunity presentation, chances are you immediately thought of a brother in law or neighbor that would be perfect for the business. You concentrate on how well they are going to do and then you suffer massive depression when they tell you no. If you are to make large amounts of money in Network marketing, you understand that all you have to do is invite a certain number of people for an extended period of time and those that like or are looking, will join your business. Don’t let your brother in law Joe kill your dreams, he does NOT put food on your table, you do.

3. Have a scripted response for the naysayers

I have a couple things that I say when someone tells me no, I either say “Perfect, no problem, thanks for looking” or, “That’s totally cool, I understand it is not for you, however, do you happen to know two people who have been affected by the economy that might actually want to make some extra money without interfering with what they are doing currently?” A lot of times when they hear that line, they are interested all of a sudden =) When you do not chase them or beg or bug them, it sometimes baffles them and they then express interest.

4. Have daily goals that will help you build your business opportunity

When you have large goals that are far out there, you can get discouraged much easier. It is much more powerful to have daily goals that “reset” each day.

5. Make a game of it

Write down the names of the people who are really nasty to you. Put them in a file. This file will be for when you earn a free vacation, car, or make your first $100,000 to come back to and inform them of your success. It probably will not get them to join but it sure will feel good =)

6. Be Like Mike

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”
– Michael Jordan

You see, sports is NOT that different from building an mlm or homebased business opportunity. You have to train, be dedicated, look stupid sometimes, but just like you don’t slam dunk your first time trying, you get better along the way. Know that someday you will be sharing your story on stage if you just be like mike.

7. Extinguish the Blame-Thrower

If you want to assure defeat, blame someone else.

Here is a list of things you can blame:

your upline
your product
your training materials
your company’s presentation
Your messy desk

100% of the time, if you find something to cry about, you will get your wish and want to cry. When you are in action, you simply do not have time to talk about others, blame others or think about how bad things are. If you live your life looking for things to be offended by, life is going to be pretty darn hard on you. Guess what, LIFE IS NOT FAIR and People are going to do things you do not agree with, get over it, and focus on what you CAN do and you will become unstoppable!

What would you add to this list that keeps you motivated? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below! – Want to know more about? Would You Like To Be Your Own Boss Running Things Your Way & Gaining All The Profits? Download my book with this special link here
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