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Breathe – How to stay Calm and Confident Even in the Most Stressful Situations

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What you learn in this Book


The objective is not to completely eliminate stress or anxiety. This is something

we need to make clear right from the very start.

Believe it or not, stress and anxiety are actually useful emotions. Both put

the body into a physiological state of heightened arousal, attention and

awareness and can even increase physical strength and power.

When you’re stressed, you’re essentially ‘amped up’ and this makes you better at

completing physical tasks or reacting on the spot.

Psychologists have also shown that stress can be a positive motivating

force in the right circumstances.

Stress is what compels us to study for exams and what motivates us to save money

as a contingency fund.

Specifically, this type of stress is known as ‘eustress’ and is a very useful phenomenon.

The problem is that many of us have no control over when we become

stressed or when we get anxiety. This then in turn leads to us feeling those

emotions in maladaptive situations.

Being chased by a lion? Then yes, the fight or flight response as it is known

is exactly what you need.

About to give a big speech to a large audience? Then the same response

is going to make you look nervous and unconfident.

Likewise, it’s important that the stress response be appropriate to the situation

that we’re in. Being a little stressed in a crowd is normal – but having

such a powerful response that you end up having a panic attack and fainting

is a problem.

So our objective here is not to remove stress entirely but simply to learn to

control it, to hone it and to use it to our advantage.

That’s what this book is all about. This book will teach you to take control of

your physiology and your psychology so that you can experience the right

emotion when you need it.

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