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Stay Calm even in the most Stressful Situation.

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The objective is not to completely eliminate stress or anxiety. This is something we need to make clear right from the very start.Believe it or not, stress and anxiety are actually useful emotions. Both put the body into a physiological state of heightened arousal, attention and

awareness and can even increase physical strength and power.

In this book, you will learn:
• How to stop panic attacks
• How to suppress the fight or flight response – no more shaking!
• How to tap into a ‘flow state’ for ultimate performance
• How to influence your psychology with:
o Food
o Exercise
o Movements
o Essential oils
o Nootropics
o Medications
• How to use meditation
• How to use cognitive behavioral therapy
• How to remain calm in any situation and approach it in the optimal
way for the best results!



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