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Ways to get Moving when you feel Stuck in Life

How To Get Everything You Want From Life: A Small Story from Someday Isle

Have you ever weighed how much do you want from your life? What are your dreams for your own self and for your family? What if you hit the jackpot tomorrow, have you ever made a list of what all you want from life, if you have everything you ever dreamed of? Have you thought of what legacy would you want to leave behind you for your future generations? If you have answered in affirmation to most of these questions, then yes, you are the person who wants to achieve big. But why do you stuck in Life at the moment? Well you´re on Someday Isle and did not know it consciously. Let´s talk about ways to leave that place to be a Master of your Life.

Sometimes another episode of your life has arrived, a chance for a fresh start. Did you review your past with enthusiasm and feel proud of all of the things you achieved or did you feel frustrated that you’d spent your time on Someday isle? Brian Tracy in his book ‘no excuses’ refers to “Someday isle”.

Someday Isle isn’t a place it’s a mind-set. It’s a habit of dreaming about your desires without taking any steps or actions to achieve them. A trip to someday isle can consist of negative thinking or self-criticism that can set you up for defeat before even getting started on achieving your hopes or dreams and leaves you stranded with thoughts such as:

“Someday I’ll start my own business”
“Someday I’ll study for that qualification”
“Someday I’ll get fit and healthy”

Do any of these statements sound familiar to you? What’s your someday isle? Each of us have different versions of “Someday isles” with the end result always being the same… waiting for something else to happen before plucking up the courage to jump into our boat and get off the isle.

We can often rationalize our inaction with excuses like “I don’t have the time, I don’t have the finances, now’s not the right time” only for our dreams to slip further and further away, until we stop thinking about them all together, or maybe we convince ourselves that someday isle is an okay place to live as its safe and familiar.

Often it’s our fears that can stop us from taking the next steps that our hearts truly desire and we allow the voice of our fears to over-ride what it is that we truly want or are capable of achieving. We can end up drifting along fantasizing about the things that we’ve always wanted to do with the reality never arriving.

To get to the point, you have to leave Someday Isle  in order to see things happen. “Someday Isle” a place, a state of being where you always say: “Some day i will do this and that, but it never happens. But everything is possible if you dive deep, just go for it.  Let´s say it in a more poetic way: Getting everything in life is great, sure, but if you are really going to do something in life, the secret is learning how to lose. Nobody goes undefeated all the time. If you can pick up after a crushing defeat, and go on to win again, you are going to be a champion. Well,how far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these.  You have to enter the Sea to expand your comfort-zone in order to be the brightest light you could ever be. Your loved ones deserve it. You deserve it!

You will be happy to know that it is really possible for you and everyone else out there to have everything they want from life, no matter what the size or cost of the dream is. It is simply possible to dream high, have more, attain more, love again, start a business, raise your children in grand style and have everything in life. Sounds too good to be true? Yes, you have to believe in your dreams to actually achieve them. Maybe you can evaluate your dreams and wants with my easy formula. The perfect formula for getting everything you want in life is like: You X Your Actions and Thoughts and that will give you the desired results in no time. Also, following this formula, you need to be very clear about what you want. So, how to go about it must be your next question, right? Just relax, sit back in your favorite chair, have a deep breath, close your eyes and ask yourself what you truly desire or want from life. Surely a lot of things will pass through your mind and you will be perplexed as to which one to choose, but be calm. See for things that you need for sure and they will be your inspiration to achieve everything you want from life.

Believe, believe and believe

Further, believe in yourself and no one on this planet can take away your dreams from you. Belief is the very first step towards achieving anything and everything in life. You have to believe in your efforts, your skills and your capabilities. You need to believe in that the fact that you deserve the best and can have it all. But how to believe in oneself, it’s easy. Just know yourself and never let anyone take you lightly when it comes to achieving your goals.

Be with positive people

Then, you should also be with people who are positive in life. It is easy to be focused but it takes just a few seconds to lose all that focus if you are surrounded with fake and unmotivated people. Connect with the ones who help you in all your good and bad times. Be Grateful  they can be coaches, friends, mentors, consultants etc.

Take the plunge

Last but not least, make the right decision at the right time. Decide for yourself what you truly want in your life. Decide what you want for your career, family, business etc. Make a plan and stick to it right from the beginning. Enjoy your journey towards attaining your goals and you will be a happier, content, successful person with everything that you ever wished for.



How To Get Everything You Want From Life – A high level of discipline and commitment towards your goal.

Have you ever thought what do you want from your life? Have you set up a goal or objective? A luxurious car, palatial house, good job- have you ever thought of having all and much more? While it is hard to get almost everything you dream of, it is still possible to aim for higher things in life and achieve them. To know how to get everything you want from life, you need to make a clear plan about your aims, act accordingly and show high level of discipline and commitment towards your goals. Be a Magnetic Personality Who Wins at Life.

leaving someday isle

Make a plan and follow it wisely

Just think of a foolproof plan as to how you will achieve your goals and consider breaking up your aim into smaller portions. This will thus make your plan easy to follow and will keep you motivated at all time. Also, consult with the people whom you think can help you and start working towards your goals. Seek expert advice and help to move close to your plan. Once your plan is set up, just assess your specific desires and wants. The next step is to actually know what you wish for in your life. It is not just about the material things but achievements, goals and much more. Have a look inside yourself and ask what it actually is that you want the most. Just ask yourself what you want in your life. Try to pen down your answers and be very specific when you write these wants and desires. It may be like “I want a new car” or “I want loads of money”. It can be anything and everything. Start to Listen Carefully. Listening serves to be the most important skill in any personal as well as professional relationship. You need to listen to yourself, to the experts, to your friends and family, colleagues, almost everyone. It has been noticed that the people who fail in life are the ones who do not listen. Yes, it’s sad but you should actually listen very carefully to what people have to share with you and thus you can take down notes about what can be helpful for you. You also have to Monitor your progress. It means when you work towards your wants and dreams, just try keeping a close eye on how things go. Are you following your set timeline? What all goals have you met so far? Thus, recognizing your progress is very important to carry out your plan fruitfully and be motivated to achieve your goals further.


Try to accept your mistakes and when you brood on them, you are making them important part in your life. Have a brave heart and accept all your flaws and errors. Also, stop placing blame on situations and others and try to accept what you did wrong. Don’t blame anyone else for your life as it’s your life and you are fully responsible for its progress or failure. Celebrate your wins, no matter what the size is!

Your journey to getting everything you want from life is long and as you trace the progress, try to take pride in passing all the small and big milestones that come along. 19 Amazing Benefits Of Affection you don´t know.


Celebrate even the smallest of wins to experience how refreshed and motivated you feel.




Get Everything You Want – Right Here, Right Now

Have you ever thought why your life seems to that it’s not like how you dreamed it to be? Start Taking Control.  You may have made loads of money and achieved many things in your life, but do you have everything you desired for? Below we will be discussing on how to get everything you want from life. These simple tricks will help you to achieve your goals and be happy in your life. i personally started to get active socially. A nice way to surround yourself with people like you is to join some online communities or forums that have active participation from its members. Browse online and find the communities that are of your interest or liking. Here the main key is to be involved. And so the more you will be involved with people and help them, more friends you will make. Taking the initiative and getting into action is very important when you want to achieve something or everything in life. When you are in the situation where you don’t feel satisfied or happy with your life and want to get it changed, you are then at the crossroads. Take the right path and generate effective ideas for yourself and your life as a whole.

Be creative and let go of what’s not good for you

It is always good to have a dream, goal or wish but are you sure you have any idea about how to get there? This doesn’t involve forcing any actions or getting too engrossed in details, it is just about becoming aware of the ways to achieve your dreams and recognizing the resources that you already have. Think of the various ways with which you can achieve your goals. Now narrow down these ways and tick on the most effective ones only. Clear off the ones that may not be fit to reach out to your goals and you will be left with only the viable ones to get your things moving in the right direction. In order to succeed in life, you even have to let go of what is actually holding you back. So let go of the grudges you hold, emotional turmoil and other things. Also, let go of the painful experiences. When you can’t let go of such circumstances and feelings, just think how can the world grant you richer and better experiences? When you hoard negative vibes, how can the world trust you? So, let go of the negative things and plan ahead for a positive life. Know the fact that like attracts like.




Get Everything You Want From Life With These Simple Tips Below

Have you tried some tactics but failed miserably? Don’t worry. You may not get everything just like that, you need to put in the best of your efforts, have patience and maintain your calm if you really wish to achieve everything you want in life. The number one to learn is don’t fear anything. Let me explain, remember that fear of rejection or punishment is the main reason behind a lot of people hesitating to ask what they actually want from their life. In fact, these people are afraid that maybe by being emotional, they will face humiliation. So, before making any request, take much time to tell yourself the importance of your request. By focusing on positive side of the request, your initial fears will soon fade away. the second is: Be thoughtful. Problem Solution Mastery And The Key To Find Your Passion.

levaing someday isle

Surely you cannot expect getting results if the other side or person does not understand your request at first place. So, clearly write what you want. Redraft your main points till the reasoning or logic is clear. Stay Calm, Practice or discuss these points with some of your friends and be sure that they make sense.

Know what bothers you the most and be ready to fulfill your wants

Determine what bothers or upsets you and be very specific. Just don’t say that you don’t like your job. Mention what exactly you hate doing in your job. It may be your extra work load, your job title or anything. But it is wise to know what is bothering you. Till the time you don’t determine what upsets you, how will you fix the issue. It is very easy to just dream and wish to get everything, but it’s difficult to achieve the same. You may have spent a lot of years just daydreaming about being successful in your career but may have never done anything substantial to get that goal. Be ready to work towards achieving your goals. Have confidence in yourself and be prepared. Know what all you will have to do to achieve your goals and be prepared for it. You cannot just sit idle and wait for some miracle to happen. Get set go and work towards achieving what you want from life.

Be thankful

Learn to say thank you whether you get something or not. Gratitude will surely not leave other person to give you what you wish for. Directly say thank you to the concerned person and follow up with written note. You can also send a gift or flowers to say thanks. You need to accept the fact that life doesn’t go how you wish it to be. So, never feel bad when your plans don’t get fulfilled. Take control of your life and rather than freaking out, try to roll with changes. With time, you will see that you will get there at some point or the other. Thus, positive attitude is all what you need to keep your spirits high.




Getting Everything You Want In Life – How To Make It Possible?

It is very easy to dream and wish for everything in life. But it is hard to get the same. Yes, getting a promotion, a new job or anything else can be tough than you may even think. So, do you want something? It is important to develop a foolproof game plan, right approach and a draft to get everything you wish. But how? Let’s see below on how to Transform Your Life With The Power of Positive Thinking


The very first step towards getting what you want is to think and envision yourself there. If you can’t see yourself to be there, you can’t create it. If you cannot see the budding florist in you, you cannot create the wonderful bouquets because you don’t really believe so. Take another example, if you wish to shed a few pounds, just put up your image at your home of the time when you were thin and have a look at it every now and then. The vision of you as you want to be or what you want will surely serve as a stepping stone towards your journey.

leaving someday isle


Then, move ahead and ask yourself the specific things that you want. Be clear about what you want the most. Have you been waiting for a raise in your income? Or a new position? You need to keep in mind that you just can’t expect others to predict it for you. Just ask yourself what you want, ask for it very confidently and clearly to get an answer. Express your wants concisely so as to ward off any doubts, confusions on receiver’s side.

Be persistent

Obviously every want is not granted or fulfilled right away. So, don’t give up so soon. Just because you have seen some failure in the recent past doesn’t mean that you should not work on it any longer. Try some new approach to achieve the same goal. If the main door is closed, what about the rear one? Or how about going out of the window or the garage. So, be persistent and try new approaches.

Strengthen your vision

Getting what you want from your life is surely hard. We have our own thoughts and actions that can actually pull up apart from getting what we want. So we have to be true to our dreams and vision and strengthen the same. But beware, don’t hold onto the dreams just by thinking about them. Go forward and make the efforts. Use the Art of Change to strengthen your Vision. Envision your wants and dreams every single day and when you feel you are too adamant to get them, you will definitely work towards achieving them at the earliest.

So, keeping these suggestions in mind, you will surely see that you get the best out of your life. Always remember that the clearer your vision is towards attaining your goals and dreams, better are the chances that you will achieve it soon. Have trust in yourself and get them with patience, hard work and dedication. It’s good to have high hopes but it is equally important to have a positive outlook towards achieving your dreams.




Get Everything You Want From Life – Time to Accomplish Your Goals Now!

If you really have no clue about how to get everything in life, you are not the only one. Thousands of people are not sure of what they want and how they will achieve it. This is why they bought this book

It is important to think about yourself first. You cannot realize what you actually want in your life till the time you are sacrificing your dreams, time and efforts for others. You need to put yourself at first place and know what you want. Just ask yourself that if you were not stuck between job, friends, family, home etc, then what would you be doing or what would you like to achieve in life. Always make it a point to put yourself at first place because till the time you will not know what you want for yourself, you will not be able to get it. Figure out what you need!! As we said above, know what you need. Sometimes it may be tough to find out what you exactly need. But just sit down and relax. Think of what you need badly and what are your dreams in life? Is it about your family, financial security, job, fame or what? Make a list of things you want in life and then go further.

Seize all opportunities that come to you

You need to remember the fact that success doesn’t come when you don’t take any action about your dreams and goals. Even when you have some clear objectives in life and you don’t take any action, you will definitely find it difficult to reach for them. Make sure you take the best advantage of every opportunity that comes your way so that you get everything you want from life. Don’t be greedy but at the same time, don’t be a lazy butt. Opportunities will not come as per your comfort, so grab them whenever they knock your door. Enhance yourself with 28 of my principles. Getting everything in life is not sheer victory. Sometimes you will face obstacles and challenges but you need to accept the fact that success comes with learning from your own mistakes and by overcoming the challenges. You have to believe that even the most successful people make mistakes in life and they overcome the obstacles to go ahead and achieve everything they want. So, never ever mistakes disappoint or break you.




How To Get Everything You Want In Life: Some Life Tips You did not Know

Step trough the Door to unlimited abundance. It means that we all want to be, do and have the best of things in our lives. But still a lot of us are not able to create the results we wish for. We always complain about not having sufficient money, success or happiness in life. So, what is it that is needed to get everything you want in life? It is important to remember that we all have that special ability to create the life the way we want to. We have to learn the perfect way to do it. So, is there any exact formula for it? Surely not, but there are some features which the successful people use and exhibiting the same, you can too move towards the path to success. Develop an Urgency for Success that Drive for Success. If you are crystal clear about your purpose, the universe will give you what you want. You attract it because you are on the right frequency to manifest your desire. It has been seen that everyone here in this world is born with some purpose. Thus, identifying and honoring that purpose serves to be the most crucial thing that a successful person can do. Such people take ample time to know and understand what their purpose in life is and thus they pursue it with full enthusiasm and passion. And when you don’t know what you should do, then just follow the signals. You can also look towards others for guidance and help. But don’t ever forget to be tuned in yourself i.e. your attitude, life experiences, behavior, likes and dislikes etc. Just see by yourself what is working for you and what is not.

Take complete responsibility of your life

It is believed by many people that there is someone who is responsible for making our lives happy and successful. But the fact is that there is just a single person who is responsible for creating or breaking your life and that is YOU yourself. No one else is there to make or mar your life. So, put your needs first and then think about others. When you live for others and pushing your dreams and needs aside, then you will crumble someday maybe through anger, depression or anxiety. Just believe in yourself!!  If you are all set to achieve your dreams, you need to believe that it is you who can make it happen. Whether you say it to be your self confidence, self esteem or whatsoever, it is a fact that you have your own inner resources, skills, talent and abilities to achieve your desired goals and results. So, just have unwavering faith in your own self and see how far you will go in your life.


When we become aware of “Someday isle” we’re able to get out of our own way and go after what it is that we truly want. Our motivation levels increase and suddenly we are filled with passion, excitement and determination to eliminate the excuses that have been holding us back and start making our dreams a reality, so that we can look back on our life with pride instead of disappointment. Last but not least, success is actually based on your wisdom. Try helping everyone around when you can. Just don’t forget that as you started you were a scared creature too who had no idea what to do or how to accomplish your goals. To conclude, it can be said that if you need a single thing to do different and be successful, commit to taking complete responsibility of your life. Decide to make a plan and stick to it. As you start the process, you will soon see that it is much easier to be successful when you take full control of your responsibilities, thoughts, actions, visualizations and overall life. And at last, to reach out to anything in life, you should never give up, just make it happen!

So, with all the above mentioned tips and suggestions, I hope now you know how to get everything you want from life and how to go about it. All the best!

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