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Since 2010, The TCN Blog has been a leading source for inspiration and education, serving people from all over the world who are dedicated to push their lives and lives of others forward.
Traffic for The TCN Blog is a variety of  ORGANIC Google search traffic and a combination of direct traffic, social media and referrals. We receive over 270,000 monthly page views and have over 5,000 combined followers on social media. The TCN Blog would love to showcase your products and services in the personal development, lifestyle, business development, small business, self help, etc. niche. We will work with your budget. 

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Want to write for us?
Here are a few reasons why you should become a guest blogger and share your voice with the community.

1. You will have a positive impact on peoples lives.

Our community is dedicated to becoming the best version of themselves and your work will contribute to fulfilling that commitment. Our readers are excited to learn how they can achieve more, contribute more and maximize there full potential.

2.Readers from all over the world will be exposed to your work.

Once your article/blog post has been approved, we will make sure it gets distributed to our readers. As a guest author, your work will be posted on our Homepage, which receives over 270,000 visitors per month, your work will also be posted on our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and will also be visible in our personal development archives.


3. You’re the boss and you create your own schedule.

As a guest blogger you can contribute when you like. Up to 3 Articles per month. The only deadlines are the ones you create for yourself, and I encourage that!

If you would like to write for my TCN Blog, please send me a message with your bio. Be mindful that I am only interested in adding value to our readers and our community, so if you aren’t sure if your ideas will fit, please take a look around the blog and see what else has been posted.

We are looking for ideas that discuss personal and professional growth, success, motivation, inspiration and contribution.

Popular Topics are

Self Esteem/Confidence
Things “Successful People” do
Becoming an entrepreneur
Productivity tools
Stories of breakthroughs, victory and triumph
Career Advice
Finding your purpose
Overcoming Obstacles
Stress Management
Personal Leadership
Encouraging children and students
Public Speaking
Success Tips
Life Hacks
Book Recommendations
Inspirational Quotes

The recommended length is 1200 to 2000 words.

If you are making any scientific claims, make sure to cite your sources. Please use sources that high authority.

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Create unique content and sell your own information product.

Submit Only Articles with +1200 Words

Only 1 Link allowed, no shortened links

Clickbank, Clicksure, Jvzoo, payspree, links allowed

Not sure if your article will be published? send a Draft to

Publishing and advertising of your Articles as long as your subscription goes.


Get In Touch

 Blog Post Submission guidelines and requirements
1. Name
2. Title – Learn how to write great headlines here!
3. Blog Post Please see samples. We are looking for this format. Sample 1, Sample 2. Learn how to write a great blog post here!
4. Email
5. Short Bio (120 words max) – Learn how to write a short bio here!
6. Social media links
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If you would like to advertise with me, or want more information, please contact me at

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