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Blue’s thoughts – Don´t you know, Intuition and Genuine Happiness comes from within

Intuition and Genuine Happiness comes from within.

Have you had that experience when all of a sudden you just had this huge hunch that something is about to happen, and to your surprise, that intuition was eventually translated to reality?

When you feel strongly about something without logical basis to it, that’s called intuition. It comes in three impressions: clairvoyance or “the third eye”, sensing clearly and feeling through listening.

Clairvoyance is when your eye goes beyond what it can see. This is when you know what is happening somewhere.

Sensing clearly is basically what we refer to as “hunch” or “gut feel.” This is the time when you are overwhelmed with a feeling and you can’t explain it and all you can say is “I just know.”

On the other hand, feeling through listening or clairaudience is being able to “listen” between the lines. Intuition also happens at times when a certain sound, whatever it is – be it a car’s honk or a bird’s twitting – ushers in an intense feeling.

They say only a number of people are gifted with intuition. Astrologers even insist that people born under the Scorpio or Pisces signs are naturally intuitive it almost borders on E.S.P. But studies have been sprouting left and right that proclaim that anyone can develop intuition.

Why the need to develop intuition, you ask? Why not let your emotional and psychological state as it is? First and foremost, intuition promotes good communication. It makes you more sensitive to the people around you; it often keeps you from hurting those you love because you are intuitive enough to understand them. Intuition also makes you far more creative than ever. Intuition means releasing more creative juices for any means of expression. Lastly, intuition has a healing power. This healing power is not in the physical sense, but in delving deep into your soul to eradicate some negative energy buried in it.

With that being said, are you ready to develop your intuition?


Here are some ways to unlock this gift:

1. Hypnosis

Oh yes, get yourself hypnotized. Hypnosis is not limited to watching a pendulum move back and forth. Perform self-hypnosis or you can avail of hypnotic programs that can strengthen your intuition.

2. Meditation

Meditating means finding peace in yourself. If your mind and heart are cluttered with too many baggage and hurt,  you wouldn’t be able to quiet down that part of you that could eventually initiate intuition. There are so many ways to meditate: take a yoga class, or just simply practice some breathing that could bring you straight to Zen.

3. Think positive!

A worry-free, fear-free state could do so much to improve your intuitive ability. By staying positive, you attract good energy that would be able to easily recognize imminent feelings and events.

4. Just let go.

What does this mean? If you are on the brink of making a huge decision, let go of all the inhibitions and head to a quiet place where you could find out where the letting go has brought you. Sometimes you just have to listen to the voice within you, and that voice wouldn’t come out unless you let go.

5. Never expect.

After letting go of the inhibitions and all those things that stop you from thinking and feeling clearly, never expect for an answer right away. Never expect that the “hunch” would fall on your lap immediately. Give it a little time then you’d just get surprised that — wham! — now you have your answer.

6. Believe in your first impressions.

When you see someone for the first time and think that he is a bit too arrogant for your taste, chances are that impression actually holds true. Most of the time, first impressions are brought by intuition. It is a Change for the better.

7. Stay happy!

See? All you need to be intuitive is to stay happy! Happiness attracts immense power and such power includes intuition. In tapping your intuition, your motivation must be happiness and contentment. Given that premise, intuition will fall to you easily.

Build your self Esteem – A Darts Players Championship


So how do you stay calm, composed and maintain self esteem in a tough environment? Here are some tips you may to consider as a starter guide to true happiness.

Imagine yourself as a Dart Board. Everything and everyone else around you may become Dart Pins, at one point or another. These dart pins will destroy your self esteem and pull you down in ways you won’t even remember. Don’t let them destroy you, or get the best of you.  So which dart pins should you avoid?

Dart Pin #1 : Negative Work Environment

Beware of “dog eat dog” theory where everyone else is fighting just to get ahead. This is where non-appreciative people usually thrive. No one will appreciate your contributions even if you miss lunch and dinner, and stay up late. Most of the time you get to work too much without getting help from people concerned.  Stay out of this, it will ruin your self esteem. Competition is at stake anywhere. Be healthy enough to compete, but in a healthy competition that is.

Dart Pin #2: Other People’s Behavior

Bulldozers, brown nosers, gossipmongers, whiners, backstabbers, snipers, people walking wounded, controllers, naggers, complainers, exploders, patronizers, sluffers… all these kinds of people will pose bad vibes for your self esteem, as well as to your self improvement scheme.

Dart Pin #3: Changing Environment

You can’t be a green bug on a brown field. Changes challenge our paradigms. It tests our flexibility, adaptability and alters the way we think. Changes will make life difficult for awhile, it may cause stress but it will help us find ways to improve our selves. Change will be there forever, we must be susceptible to it.

Dart Pin #4: Past Experience

It’s okay to cry and say “ouch!” when we experience pain. But don’t let pain transform itself into fear. It might grab you by the tail and swing you around. Treat each failure and mistake as a lesson.

Dart Pin #5: Negative World View

Look at what you’re looking at. Don’t wrap yourself up with all the negativities of the world. In building self esteem, we must learn how to make the best out of worst situations.

Dart Pin #6: Determination Theory

The way you are and your behavioral traits is said to be a mixed end product of your inherited traits (genetics), your upbringing (psychic), and your environmental surroundings such as your spouse, the company, the economy or your circle of friends. You have your own identity. (Ways to get Moving when you feel Stuck in Life) If your father is a failure, it doesn’t mean you have to be a failure too. Learn from other people’s experience, so you’ll never have to encounter the same mistakes.

Sometimes, you may want to wonder if some people are born leaders or positive thinkers. NO. Being positive, and staying positive is a choice. Building self esteem and drawing lines for self improvement is a choice, not a rule or a talent. God wouldn’t come down from heaven and tell you – “George, you may now have the permission to build self esteem and improve your self.”

In life, its hard to stay tough specially when things and people around you keep pulling you down. When we get to the battle field, we should choose the right luggage to bring and armors to use, and pick those that are bullet proof. Life’s options give us arrays of more options. Along the battle, we will get hit and bruised. And wearing a bullet proof armor ideally means ‘self change’. The kind of change which comes from within. Voluntarily. Armor or Self Change  changes 4 things: our attitude, our behavior,thinking and our way of being happy.

Genuine Happiness Comes from Within


Life isn’t the sweetest candy. Sometimes, when I feel like the world is just too heavy, I look around and find people who continued to live fascinating and wonderful lives. And then thoughts come popping into my mind like bubbles from nowhere – “How did their life become so adorably sweet? How come they still can manage to laugh and play around despite a busy stressful life?”  Then I pause and observed for awhile… I figured out that maybe, they start to work on a place called ‘self’.

So, how does one become genuinely happy? Step 1 is to love yourself.

My theology professor once said that “loving means accepting.”  To love oneself means to accept that you are not a perfect being, but behind the imperfections must lie a great ounce of courage to be able to discover ways on how to improve your repertoire to recover from our mistakes.

Genuine happiness also pertains to contentment. When you are contented with the job you have, the way you look, with your family, your friends, the place you live in, your car, and all the things you now have – truly, you know the answer to the question “how to be genuinely happy.” Take time and Read ‘The Power of Gratitude’

When we discover a small start somewhere from within, that small start will eventually lead to something else, and to something else. But if you keep questioning life lit it has never done you any good, you will never be able to find genuine happiness.

I believe that life is about finding out about right and wrong, trying and failing, wining and losing. These are things that happen as often as you inhale and exhale. Failure, in a person’s life has become as abundant and necessary as air. But this should not hinder us from becoming happy.

How to be genuinely happy in spite all these? I tell you… every time you exert effort to improve the quality of life and your being, whether it is cleaning up your room, helping a friend, taking care of your sick dog, fail on board exams and trying again, life gives you equivalent points for that.

Imagine life as a big score board like those which are used in the NFLs. Every time you take a step forward, you make scoring points. Wouldn’t it be nice to look at that board at the end of each game and think to yourself “Whew! I got a point today. I’m glad I gave it a shot.”, instead of looking at it all blank and murmur “Geez, I didn’t even hit a score today. I wish I had the guts to try out. We could have won!” and then walk away.

Genuine happiness isn’t about driving the hottest Formula 1 car, nor getting the employee of the year award, earning the highest 13th month pay, or beating the sales quota. Sometimes, the most sought after prizes in life doesn’t always go to the fastest, the strongest, the bravest or not even the best. So, how do you become genuinely happy?  Every one has his own definition of ‘happiness’. Happiness for a writer may mean launching as much best selling books as possible. Happiness for a basketball rookie may mean getting the rookie of the year award. Happiness for a beggar may mean a lot of money. Happiness for a business man may mean success. So, really now, how do we become genuinely happy?

Simple. You don’t have to have the best things in this world. Its about doing and making the best out of every single thing. When you find yourself smiling at your own mistake and telling your self “Oh, I’ll do better next time”, you carry with you a flame of strong will power to persevere that may spread out like a brush fire. You possess a willingness to stand up again and try – that will make you a genuinely happy person. By the Way, it makes me Happy if you go here  and download one of my ebooks.

Stop Waiting – Take Action Now!

Does that Resonate with you? Of course just creating a list of things you want to change and knowing a bit more what it is you want from life is only a very small first step in getting there.
Now you have to actually start making things happen for yourself and that means taking small, positive steps toward achieving your new goals.
This is where most people go wrong. Not because they go about achieving their goals in the wrong way (though this happens) but because they don’t go about it at all.
The big problem for many of us is that we’re seemingly ‘waiting’ for something to happen. We’re happy to just go along with our current lifestyles which are ‘good enough’ rather than aim for something bigger and better.
Sometimes this comes down to fear. Sometimes this comes down to thinking they have no other option. Sometimes it comes down to believing that waiting is legitimately the best strategy for getting what they want.maybe you check out How to Thrive to be the Worlds Greatest.
The ultimate example of this is retirement. How many people do you think live their lives cautiously because they’re saving for retirement? How many people put off going on holidays and traveling the world because they think it’s better to wait for that pay off?
But when you think about it, this makes no sense at all. Of course it makes sense to plan for the future but why would you defer your happiness until you’re at a point in your life where you’re not physically capable of enjoying it to the fullest? Why wait until you have no energy and a painful knee and spine before you start travelling the globe? It just makes no sense when you could take action now and start having the things you want immediately.
Instead, you could start seeing the world now by taking sabbaticals or just by prioritizing your travel on your experience rather than spending money on other things or saving as much. Don’t wait for that perfect moment – do the things you want to do now and live the life you want to live!
Another example of this is wealth. A lot of people will dream about the things they want from life when they’re wealthy. How many times have you imagined your perfect home that you will buy when you’re rolling in cash? It’s something most of us have done at some point.
But now think about what that perfect home actually entails. Most likely, it’s a fairly standard property but with the added bonus of looking cleaner, more spacious and more luxurious.
Does it need to be huge? Does a huge house really make you happier? Probably not.
So instead of waiting until you’re rich to have your dream home, how about thinking how you can make your current home into your dream home? Take action now on the things you want!

How to Turn Your Current Home Into Your Dream Home

ideas-for-creating-your-home-office-according-to-your-styleLet’s take this moment to look at how you can turn any property into a dream home on a modest budget. This will hopefully then serve as a good example of how you can get what you want from life much more easily once you’ve narrowed down what you really want.
In this case, you say you want to be rich, but what you really want is a beautiful home. You’re putting off doing it because you think that that requires you to be wealthy or retired but you can have it right now if you just focus on the small differences that will make that property feel closer to the one in your dreams.

Here are some steps you can take:

Throw out a lot of your things 

This might sound surprising but the more of your things you throw out, the more items you’ll be left with will start to look beautiful and amazing. If you have a lot of clutter in your home, then you’re essentially lowering the average value and the average quality of the things you do own. Throw out 90% of your ornaments and the remaining 10% will be the most amazing looking things you have. Likewise, they’ll look less cluttered and thereby draw more attention to themselves. They’ll also be much easier to clean!

Go more minimal

In general, going more minimal with your décor can help you to make your home look much bigger and it makes it that much easier to clean. It’s also a very modern look that’s much more affordable. So stop spending lots of money on large collections of items you don’t need and instead save up for just a few beautiful things.


If it’s your home that gives you the most pleasure then how about prioritizing it and spending a bit more money on it right now? That might mean cancelling your television subscription for instance and putting that cash into a cleaner, or it might mean not going on holiday this year and getting double glazing instead.

Learn décor

This is a big one. Instead of just placing items around based on what you think looks good, spend some time learning what makes great décor. Once you learn the tricks, you can take a relatively standard looking room and make it look incredible. Does your room have a color palette? Do your cushions match your drapes? It sounds silly but these practices have developed over years of research and business and they make a huge difference.

Look for bargains

If you know where to look and you leverage your contacts, you can make some amazing additions to your home relatively cheaply. This may mean that you speak nicely to your friend who happens to be a builder (mate’s rates!) or it might mean that you look on free cycle to find free furniture.

Get a few center pieces

Just a few high tech pieces of technology, or a few amazing decorations can make all the difference to your home. Depending on your priorities that might mean adding a massive flat screen TV to your living room, or some kind of spectacular water fountain. This bit is expensive but it’s all about investing your money wisely – making the biggest impact with the fewest changes. And sometimes it’s just about doing something different that people don’t see all that often. This makes your home memorable and it doesn’t even have to be expensive.
Suddenly, that home that you thought was off limits starts to feel a lot closer. Sure, it’s a compromise, but while you work on becoming that millionaire you’ll be much happier with the property you’re in. Stop deferring your happiness, ask what you can do right now within your means to be happier!
The same kind of approach can be applied to your dress sense (just a few clever changes can make your outfits that much more impressive) and to your lifestyle.
In the next post, we’ll be looking at some of the ways you can start making real progress in your career now instead of waiting for something to change for you.
Please don´t forget that Intuition is helpful, because sometimes it leads you to something that cannot be achieved otherwise. A lot of lives have been saved by intuition alone. Decisions are easier done if armed by this gift. Develop intuition now and reap benefits you have never imagined.
When you learn to accept yourself and your own faults. You pass step 1 in the project “how to become genuinely happy”. For as long as you know how to accept others, you will also be accepted. For as long as you love and know how to love, you will receive love ten folds back.

Again, throw me that same question “how to become genuinely happy?”. I’ll refer you to a friend of mine who strongly quoted- “Most of us know that laughter is the best medicine to life’s aches and pain. But most of us don’t know that the best kind of laughter is laughter over self. Coz then you don’t just become happy… you become free.”

Blue - Share my thoughts about Self-development, Self awareness, Digital-marketing and Advertising. Why? because I like that kind of stuff and it makes me happy. Want to inspire You to share your view of the World with me.

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