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I appreciate your decision, to have an extra online incoming by using PTL or

PTL is as you already know, an ad service with a special twist:

Sign in every day and you will receive Compensation for your activity.

I personally have the Login Page as a bookmark on my cellphone, and as a favorite bookmark In my browser bar, this way I am reminded to login daily. I check my banner for a few seconds and get my compensation.

Time: less than 1 minute. The Ad service is the core of the whole thing. Insert your banner in the network and get a wide audience. The Ad service is perfect for you, if you have links on which you can earn.

Calculate income: Using the calculator on your login page, you can calculate Your monthly income.

PTL Team: Please grab your affiliate link in the members area and promote them as often as you can.( Send me a mail to and send me your ref-link and I promote for you aswell. for free

Try every source you know, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. Write blog posts at squidoo or word press. Try Traffic Exchanges, Safe lists or buy Google Ads Etc.

There is no limit to your imagination. It’s a win -win situation.

Sign up for free, Register for free Banner and Links for the more advanced online marketers.

I recommend the daily Login Ads.

When you login daily there is a view of about 1000=$ 1!

This offer is very cheap and with one of the homebusiness ideas here, you will probably have the advertising costs after the first sale.

The key to lucrative opportunities are not open to everyone early, you need to be connected to insiders of the industry who have knowledge of those windows of opportunities that few people are exposed to.

Place one Free Banner of your Choice at our Network. Seen by over 35.000 members Daily! + You get rewarded for your daily login.

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