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The Power of Earning Units in our Network. – The perfect Upgrade-

An upgrade elsewhere costs much more and give less more, while with just one dollar you can turn your earnings from 0.001$/day to 0.01$/day and this forever while in the other sites upgrades are just for one year. But there is no limit to how much you can spend. For $100 you can get paid 1$/day forever and this means 365$ every year. Give $100, receive $365/year. And also you can withdraw at any time what you paid for the upgrade without any penalty except the Liberty Reserve fee that is 1% ( max 2.99$/2.99€ for sums exceeding 300$/€ ).
How is it possible to give much more than what other ‘paid to’ sites give ? Well, the answer is pretty simple, Forex is a very profitable market and can give all this. It’s true that Forex has high earning but high loss potential at the same time but with proper management can give these phenomenal results. Other sites give less because they get their money from other sources, The Network could pay you with the money from the other bought upgrades ( earning units ) but at the end the site would end in pure scam. Remember you can upgrade with just one dollar.
Paidtologin is a site that pays regularly since 2011.But well one dollar is not that much. Do you trust me ? I’ll not disappoint you, promised. You don’t trust me at all ? No problem, it’s your right. You can continue using PTL-extreme and get paid regularly for your logins, your referral logins and the visitors you send.

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PTL-Extreme | Paidtologin – Advertising that pays


Passive Income

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