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The Art Of Personal Development in 7 Steps

The Art of Personal Development

The Art Of Personal Development

Personal development could be defined as the process of improving skills, attitudes, relationships, state of health, finances and learning. Any one of these areas or all of them could be areas that could be purposefully targeted for improvement.

For a person to start on the quest of self development or personal development, the first step is to find out where it is that you want to go. Sit down at a desk and make the decision that you are going to spend a concentrated amount of time to write a list. Set aside time to do this. Make a list of 100 things that you want. Not all of these items are going to be material things. They can be, but you want some skills in there and objectives of things that interest you should be included.

If you put “earn $100,000”, that is a nice goal, but you really need to learn the skill that will enable you to do that. You might put “master the art of ranking a website on Google on page one”, as the skill. You want to get to the basic skill. Another item might be to learn how to make friends, so you might want to read, “Learn How To Make Friends and Influence People”, by Andrew Carnegie.

When you get your list of 100 things, then you will want to prioritize. Pick out the top ten items on your list of 100. Yes, choose only the top ten. If you do this correctly it will be difficult and painful, but you are really cutting the wheat from the chaff here. You are literally defining the next 5 to 10 years of your life at this point. The reason is that if you are really serious, you will learn these skills, relationships, attitudes, and devote enough time to become an expert in them.

You see, you have to devote time in becoming an expert. That is what it takes is time and focus. If your top desire is to become an expert guitar player, you will have to learn how to do that one chord at a time, begin to learn how to combine the chords into music, and then perfect the music into beauty.

When you have your top ten things separated from the other stuff on the list, look to see if anything is related in your top ten. Are there two or more items that might fall into a similar category? For instance, one topic might be to learn how to sell. A second topic might be to build a website. Here we have to relatable topics that could work together in a synergistic manner. In other words, the two together might be more powerful than each one separately. So once you learn how to build a website, learning to sell could help you to sell your websites successfully.

What you are really looking for and what you really want to have happen is that you want to end up doing things that you have a passion for. What do you really enjoy? You will not be really good at anything that your are not passionate about. That is just a fact.

So here we go: The seven Steps in becoming a Personal Development Master.


The Aspects Of Personal Development

1. The Aspects Of Personal Development

Personal development seems like a rather hazy term to many people. Nevertheless, it is a reality that unless people actively make a decision to improve their personal position in life, they will actually regress and become less capable to react and deal with the most difficult situations.

When it comes to dealing with crisis situations people are only as good as their experience and ability to think on their feet. Some people will freeze and have no idea what to do; yet others will have a solution on the tip of their tongue. It all depends upon the mental attitude of the individual. A person who is proactive in life will be a problem solver, whereas those who are of the habit of ducking responsibility and hiding their head in the sand will become totally inept in situations as these.

Much of our ability to cope with stressful settings is built upon our approach to life in general. Many people don’t realize that a person can be trained, or train themselves to be part of the solution rather that a part of, or even the cause of the problem. Many people seem overwhelmed by the slightest of problems, while others never seem to be flustered by anything. In fact, these people seem to relish being faced with difficult issues, as they seem to enjoy the overcoming of some of the most serious issues in life.

People who are the overcomers in life seem to already have an innate strategy that they bring into play very quickly. There is a mental calmness that sets the tone of approaching any challenge that comes up. They are able to develop steps to eliminate the issues that are causing the difficulty and are not afraid to jump right in and try them out. If an approach to a problem doesn’t work, then they are not afraid to try another. Their mindset is very proactive rather than just sitting back and complaining about it.

So how does one acquire this mental toughness, if they have been meek and mild-mannered all of their lives? It is fairly simple on the surface; they just have to decide that they are not going to let life run them over anymore.

The process of problem solving originates at the level of making the decision that there has to be a positive solution to the problem. The question has to be asked, “What is the most positive outcome for this issue, and how can I make that happen?” This is a mental discipline that is a conscious process. A person literally has to take charge of situations like this, or continue to be overwhelmed by life’s simplest of problems.

Once a person begins to realize that they don’t have to duck and run every time a problem rears its ugly head, they can begin to take a more aggressive approach to getting rid of problems.

Once the positive outcome is visualized then the person can begin to actively take steps to solve the issue. It is important to realize that action is the antidote to indecision and to continue to try solutions is the key to courage in problem solving and self development in this area.

Give it a try. This entire exercise can become the foundation of everything else you do in life.


The Benefits of Personal Development

2. The Benefits of Personal Development

Almost everyone arrives at adulthood with some idea of what they want out of life. Most people come to a point in time where they have a comfortable home, an acceptable job and maybe a family and children. Once they get to the place where life is good, and they are happy with their lot, it is easy to get stuck in a rut, doing the same thing day after day, and year after year. Eventually, a sense of emptiness may creep in, and a feeling that there should be something more, some greater purpose in life. Often, what is needed is a plan for personal development, or changing one’s lackluster life into one that is meaningful and fulfilling. If you want to form a plan for your own personal development, here are some great ideas to get you started.

Personal Relationships

One way to improve your life is to analyze your priorities. Work is important, and necessary for survival, however, without fulfilling relationships, you may reach the top rung of the corporate ladder and find that you are living a lonely life, void of meaningful relationships. Developing better relationships with your spouse, partner, children and friends is the first step toward improving your life.


In order to keep growing in your personal life, you must have solid goals, and keep working toward achieving them. Whether it is purchasing a home, starting a family, or traveling to exciting places, goals will give you something to strive for, and give you hope for your future.

Spiritual Growth

Whatever your beliefs, or faith, developing your spiritual life can have a positive impact on your outlook, and ability to deal with life’s ups and downs. Studies show that people who pray, or worship in some way, live happier, more positive lives than those who don’t. Developing your belief in something beyond this life can work wonders for you.

Personal Interests

Finding fulfilling personal interests are an important part of personal development. Life begins to lose its excitement if all you do is go to work, eat, watch TV and sleep, only to repeat the routine the next day. Think about your interests, and come up with some ideas for fun activities or hobbies. If you love cars, join a classic car club. If you like to dance, sign up for some lessons with your partner. Force yourself to live outside the box, and you will find that there is a world full of opportunity out there just waiting for you.

Learn To Do Something New

Developing personally can take on a whole new meaning by learning a new skill, or talent. Try learning how to play an instrument you like, or try your hand at writing songs, or poetry. You could take up painting, or gardening. Learning new things broadens your horizons, and gives you something to keep your mind busy.


The Quest for Personal Development

3. The Quest For Personal Development

Personal development is a kind of nebulous statement because hardly anyone really wants to do it. After all, it does take quite a bit of mental discipline and effort to accomplish anything of consequence towards bettering oneself.

First of all, a person has to have a vision of where it is that he or she wants to go in the realm of self improvement. There has to be a reason for a person to strive towards a better place in life, or it will never happen. There has to be an impetus to get a person off of dead center, because dead center is usually very comfortable.

Once the moment of truth occurs, and then motivation begins to set in. The goal is achievable only if a sacrifice of time and energy is committed to and a point of beginning is decided upon. Now things can begin to happen in regard to changing an entire way of looking at things.

When a person suddenly sees that things are possible, that were formerly not possible, a new way of thinking begins to germinate. It could be called possibility thinking. Or as a person may think, “If I can do this, then that will happen and then I will be able to . . .”.

Once that line of thinking begins to take place, an entirely new process of excitement and deliberation starts to occur.

Goals begin to become reality in the mind of the thinker. Steps of progress begin to be written down on paper. A former state of status quo disappears and is replaced by a state of readiness and exuberant optimism. Focus on the importance of this new line of thinking breeds awareness of the fact that all progress is within the realm of possibility, and that it really can be accomplished.

That is the process of true personal development. It has to happen in the mind first, in order to make sense out of it. Everything starts with an idea, but that idea then has to become grounded in reality. It has to stand the test of all of the obstacles that will be stacked against it. All of the nay Sayers who mock, and cluck together in one chorus, hoping to build their egos on a negative, at the expense of a dream.

However, it will not be so because in this case, the dream is stronger than the stealer of dreams and the dream just gets stronger. Soon it becomes an obsession and the journey begins with step one. When step one is finished, then step two begins. Looking back, step one was pretty easy. Each step brings the obsession just that much closer. Each step engenders a new confidence never before experienced, that the dream is now going to become a reality.

Once the reality of the dream occurs and the new objective is achieved, a new life is revealed that only could be wished about before. It is not only the goal achieved that is noteworthy, but also the knowledge gained along the way that is the real benefit of this quest for personal development.


The Means Of Personal Development

4. The Means Of Personal Development

Personal development is just that. It is personal. That means if any development is going to take place it will have to be done personally. That is not to say that outside influences cannot play a part, but the ultimate responsibility rests upon the individual.

Personal development cannot come about unless there is a desire to improve oneself from the present position that they are in. For example if an individual has a golf score that averages 95, then he or she must be dissatisfied with that score, or it will never improve. It will certainly not improve on its own without some degree of change on the part of individual habits that either impede the progress of change, or they just don’t exist yet.

First the problem has to be defined. In the golf example, the problem is the 95 average score. Next an objective must be set, and should be written down. So let’s set the objective of and average of 88 over the period of the next 12 months.

Now the problem needs to be broken down, in order to find out what are some of the causes. In analyzing a person’s golf game, let’s say that the driving portion of the game is fairly good, in that getting near the green is being accomplished by the second or third stroke. However, it is taking an additional 3 to 6 strokes to hole out from there. Boiling things down further, it is determined that the problem is in the short shots in getting onto the green. Once on the green, it is customary to take only one to two shots to finish.

Next, there needs to be a definite action taken to solve the sub-problem of the difficulty of getting onto the green within one shot. So it is decided that the golfer will practice 100 shots per day from various positions around the green, using the nine iron and pitching wedge. This process is to continue until the golfer can reach the green in one shot 80% of the time.

There is no doubt that if a person practiced his short iron game a lot, he or she would improve. And this is the key to the improvement of any skill or procedure. Practice will improve the motor portions of the skill, as well as the mental groove that needs to be present so that things almost become a matter of rote accomplishment, rather than having to think about it all of the time.

Theoretically, in our golfing example, if the golfer gets close to the green in two, gets on the green in one and two putts, then he has a score of five. That would amount to a score of 45 on a nine hole basis, and 90 for 18 holes. If allowance is made for two or three par three holes, the score on those should be less, so the achievment of an 88 average is within reach.

Breaking down the problem and the steps to eliminate the problems lends the practiced skill that is mastered, which in turn becomes the solution.
Personal development should be a continuous process. Developing new interests, goals and ideas gives meaning and hope to an otherwise dreary existence. Try some of these ideas, or get creative, and find your own path toward a rich, fulfilling life. Either way, life will take on a whole new meaning!


Steps to Personal Development

5. Steps To Personal Development

Personal development is really all about the setting of goals. This is something that personal coaches, mentors, management of organizations have harped on for years, but it is still true. How can anyone make any progress and get where they want to go, if they have no idea where they are going?

One of the problems that many people have is the sad fact that they really do not want to improve because they have become satisfied with their present position. With people like that there is no point in even talking to them about growth and development in their lives. It is impossible to motivate the un-motivatable.
There is an old saying that states, “All development is self development”. It does boil down to a personal decision that things need to change, and the individual that says that and means it is the only person who can make it happen.

Goal setting has to be personal and specific. There can never be a goal set where there is not a problem. So, the problem has to be identified at the outset, and then a strategy needs to be devised to fix the problem. That sounds too simple, but whittled down to the basics, that is really the entire process.

The goal should be specific. A goal such as “get better at golf” is a much too general. This objective needs to be broken down into parts. It is probably important to improve the actual golfing skills, such as short iron play. This is where many golfers have a lot of problems. Now the goal is more specific and can be stated as, “practice 100 approach shots to the green per day, until I can come within 50 feet of the pin 70% of the time”.

Now a specific action is place on the table and that action relates to a specific objective that is the result of that action. Is there any doubt that if a person would hit 100 shots a day that he or she would not improve that area of their golf game?

This same principle can be applied to anything in life. If we break down great big goals like “make more money”, into smaller, achievable goals, the bigger goals can be achieved by completing the smaller, more attainable goals one at a time. Once a smaller skill or attribute is mastered, it becomes a natural process to the larger objective.

As for the “make more money” goal, a smaller, more identifiable goal could be “make and successfully operate a personal budget for 3 months”. That is a logical step towards taking control of personal finances. Once the budget is under control, it is possible to determine how much, if any, extra funds would be available for additional investment or as venture capital for starting a small business.

Personal development occurs when a person sets objectives and then focuses like a laser on the various actions and principles necessary to cause the objective to occur.


The Importance of Personal Development in Your life

6. The Importance of Personal Development in Your Life

Personal Development to a person is similar to a business plan formulated for a successful business. The personal development plan should include all your attitudes, skills, behaviors, habits and whatever that is required to enhance the quality of your life as a whole. This plan could be used as the road map to achieve your goals in life.

Most of the time there are 3 areas in a person’s life that needs to be improved. Those areas are the health, finance and relationships of a person. All other sub goals would fall under one of these three categories. A person cannot improve what he or she is, in the real sense of the term. God or the Universe has created all beings equally. He or she is complete and whole at all times in God’s eye. Most of the time the problem is actually a one of low self esteem. A person with a low self esteem would have bad finances, problem in relationships and neglected health.

Healthy eating and exercising habits would not be followed by a person with low self esteem. Since he or she is having a bad impression about himself or herself, they would actually self sabotage successful relationship opportunities. Likewise the low self esteem or low confidence would keep them from trying for promotions or new business opportunities. Keep aside new business opportunities; they wouldn’t even think of doing a business on their own in the first place.

The most important thing is to first accept yourself fully and completely, just the way you are. If you don’t accept yourself first, you wouldn’t be able to improve anything in your life. If you resist some quality of yours, it would persist, until you accept that quality first.

If you want to change something in your life, first accept that you have that quality. Otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to change it. Most people fail in personal development because they keep on hating and resisting a bad quality of theirs and try to impose a good quality over the bad one. It is not going to work this way. Even if this sounds like a paradox; whatever you resist about yourself would persist until you accept that quality fully and completely. Once you accept it, it will lose its power over you. Then you can develop the new quality.

Once you deal with the low self esteem issue, it would be easier for you to improve your quality of life in an overall manner. Then you would be able to set goals in the health, finance and relationship categories and achieve them with much ease. Your personal development goals would come to pass effortlessly, when you are completely clear on any low self esteem and low self confidence issues in your life.


Tips for Personal Development

7. Tips For Personal Development

There are days when it may seem as if the day will never end. When time keeps getting away and there are always more things to get done than hours available. After a while, this may begin to wear on you and make you feel as if it is you alone who is responsible for never getting anything done, rather than being part of a system that may not be set up ideally to get much done.

Rather than continuing to blame yourself for not being able to fix what is not yours to fix, how about working on the things that you do have control over? Making improvements in these will help you see progress and will help improve your perspective overall. You can impact your own personal development even if you can’t do much about your workplace.

Try some meditation to help relieve your stress. Contrary to popular belief, meditation doesn’t have to be done sitting in a lotus position surrounded by gardenia candles. You can take two minutes to meditate just about anywhere. It’s more about clearing your head and regulating your breathing and just calming your soul for a minute or two. Sure, it’s great to have an entire thirty minutes and if you can get that, go for it, lotus position and all, but if not, do it in small snatches throughout the day.

Talk to yourself. Yes, talk to yourself and tell yourself about all the great things you can do, have done and will do. You are unique and have a multitude of talents. It is just a matter of reminding yourself of what these are and how special you are. This is not conceit, this is fact and it is a good thing to do every day.

Build an emergency fund. Put away a few dollars every pay period so you needn’t worry about what will happen if your car breaks down or the furnace goes out. This is relieve a great deal of stress and will make you feel very good about how responsible you are. Plus, it’s just a great idea.

Eat well. Few people understand just how big a role a healthy diet plays in our emotional welfare. Indulging in a round of carbohydrate heaven is nice for the moment, but overall it makes us lethargic and headachy. We all feel much better when we are fully hydrated and eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Eating good lean protein is also good for us, as is eating low-fat dairy.

Pay it forward or back. Giving to others is really good for us and for our souls. There’s a real emotional surge when we help out the less fortunate, so volunteer at a homeless shelter or at a domestic abuse hotline. It will be good for what ails you.

Try something new and adventurous. Even fall in love. Risking something is good for us all. Getting out of our comfort zone is one of the best things we can do for us, so we should do it often and with zeal. Failure is just an opportunity to learn. Everyone fails, it is those who try again who win. Go ahead and live your life out loud.

Best Personal Development Tips to Achieve Your Life’s Goals

Personal development is important to achieve the goals of your life. All humans, at some stage in their lives, would feel that they need to improve some aspect of their lives. Even the most successful person on earth would have some area in his life that needs to be improved. Before improving anything in your life, first you need to accept that you are lacking in that particular aspect or quality in your life. This could be done through your own comprehension or else you could ask someone close to you. Do not be shamed of accepting that you are imperfect. Nobody is perfect in this world, for that matter.

If you don’t ask for help, you would not get help. If your life is not working as you intended and you don’t see any need to change anything. You may be resisting something about yourself. You may be not wanting to accept that you must change for the better. This may be because you are ashamed of seeing yourself as being imperfect. Until you accept your imperfection, you cannot improve anything in your life.

Once you accept that you have something in your life that need to be improved or changed; it is easier for you to start working towards changing it. There are numerous methods of improving or changing your life for the better. Most of them are time tested methods and are very effective in improving the overall quality of your life.

1. Believing in Yourself – Without believing in yourself nothing you do would be successful. If you want to be successful in whatever you do, you should believe that you “Can Do It”. You should have unwavering belief in your ability to achieve the goals of your life.

If you could develop this attitude or quality in your life; believe me, 70% of your goals in life are already achieved. Do not underestimate this statement. If you believe that you can do something; you definitely would achieve it. There is no doubt whatsoever in this ability. Your belief about your ability to achieve a certain goal is what matters most in achieving that particular goal. Nothing else matters. The stronger your belief; the sooner you would achieve the goal.

2. Practice Makes Perfection – This is true in all areas of our lives. Be it physical or mental, practice is what makes it perfect. If you ask the athletes they would testify to this. Ask any boxer or wrestler; they would definitely agree with this statement hundred percent. If you need to improve any area in your life, practice every day.

3. Do Not Give Up – Most people would give up on their personal development goals, when they do not see instant results. Our society has made us used to instant gratification. We expect results immediately in whatever we do in life. Do not give up halfway, when you don’t see quick results. It may take some time, but it is definitely achievable with regular practice.

Some of the age old tips on how to achieve your goals in life through personal development was discussed in this article. Incorporating these into your life would make it easier to achieve your goals.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help along your journey of self development. It is very rare that people achieve any type of personal development or self improvement on their own and the more people you include in your journey the more likely you will be to experience growth.
Personal development is very important to a person to set goals and achieve them easily in their lives. It is like a GPS always directing you towards your goals in life.


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