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The 6 Step Process To Create Epic Results In Your Life with Proper Goal Setting

Stories of Solopreneurs breaking free from the mold of societal norms, risking it all, and making an impact strike you at your core. You’re addicted to success, because for whatever reason, you’re not the same as everyone else.


Deep down inside, you know you have the same potential.The new year is upon us, and that means new goals, dreams, and motivation. This is your year to build your legacy, move mountains, and impact thousands, even millions of people with your vision.

There are far too many people out there making new years plans that are exactly the same as last year’s… because they haven’t followed through and achieved results.

This time you can Start with Goal Setting and Start with Blogging For A Living this Year.

Blogging can easily become a full time job. There are many power blogs that can earn the writer a great living and provide readers with some great information. Many bloggers don’t even write the articles themselves but rather hire out other writers to do the writing.

Building a social relationship by blogging allows the blogger to interact with readers and find out more what the readers are looking for.

Comments are sometimes allowed on blogs. This is a great way for the blogger to communicate with readers. Readers can comment on whether or not they like the articles, they can suggest ideas to the blogger and they can share their own information.

Blogging can provide a great way for families to stay in touch. A mommy blog is a great way for a new mom to share her concerns about her child and share information she’s learned as well. Grandma and grandpa can read updates and other relatives can read them as well.

Blogs can be private or open to anyone. Controlling the readership is great when running a family blog that one may wish to keep a bit more private.

Revenue can be earned via blogging through ads that are placed on the blogs. There are many great sources to find these ads and most of them you can pick and choose what sort of ad you wish to allow on your blog.

Many bloggers use back links to link to other blogs or articles they’ve written. These links will point the reader to more similar content and allow the blogger to earn even more money via page views on their blogs.

You can focus on just about any topic on a blog. You could do a travel blog of everywhere you’ve been. You could do a pictorial blog on pictures of where you’ve been. Adding in ads that will encourage your visitors to visit such places such as travel agencies, hotels, car rentals and the like will enhance your blog and possibly earn you some extra money when readers click on these ads to secure travel, hotel or a car.

Scheduling your blog posts will save you a lot of time. You may find that you have a free afternoon and can schedule up to six months in advance. Blog away during this time and see how much you can get scheduled in. You’ll free up a lot of time this way and be able to spend your time on another project that can also earn you money.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, if you have one good blog, make another. When that one is also up and running, make yet another. Continue in this fashion until you have several that are earning you some money.

Blogging is a great work from home idea that has mushroomed over the last decade. Anyone can capitalize on it and begin earning some money working from home. All it takes is a great idea and the dedication. Watch John Chow about Goal Setting when it comes to made it BIG with Blogging


Here are six steps to ensure you create epic results from your Blog:

1. Craft your vision

Every success story started with a vision. What exactly is it that you want? This is the first step in harnessing motivation and turning it into results.

Write it all down, every single little detail. What kind of life are you going to live? What do you do? What’s a typical day like for you? How do you feel?

But here’s a trick: write it all out as if you’ve already accomplished it. By doing this, whenever you review your vision, you’re telling your subconscious it’s something that already happened. You aren’t wishing for a different future, you’re remembering your future reality.

Each time you wonder why you’re working, why you aren’t doing a normal 9-5 job, why you’re doing this crazy entrepreneurship thing – you’ll have a vision so crystal clear and grand that just your vision will make others jealous.

We’re trained to take the easiest option, the road more travelled… but if the only option is your vision, that’s the path you’re going to take.

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” – Jonathan Swift 

2. Write out your why

After writing out your vision in meticulous detail, the next step is to write out the reasons why you want to accomplish the vision.

“My message is too powerful to be kept quiet. I’m going to live my dreams and passion. I want to make an impact on the world. I know I have the potential in me to change my current reality. I know too many people that are trapped in a life that makes them completely miserable and I’m not going to be one of them”.

If you don’t have a powerful enough why, then you’re not going to follow through. Simple as that. There will be long hours, there will be challenges, and there will be failure. Your why will push you forward.


3. Write your success timeline 

Now that you’ve written out exactly where you want to be in a year, work backwards and figure out exactly what you need to get done in six months, three months, and one month, then all the way down to the first four weeks.

What are the minimum things you must absolutely get done within those time periods to guarantee that you’re getting closer to your vision and your success? If your vision is great enough, it will be almost unbelievable to attain within a year.

Yet by writing down your success timeline, you not only define exactly what needs to happen to make you successful, you also come up with the roadmap to your vision. Every step becomes clear and laid out for you; there isn’t any confusion on what to do.


4. Renew your motivation

Eventually, whatever motivation you have will be drained. You’ll lose sight of your vision and won’t be in the frame of mind that produces action. This is why it is crucial to continually renew your motivation.

Review your vision, your why’s, and your success timeline daily. In fact, do it once right in the morning, and then again at least once more later in the day.

On top of that, read blogs like Addicted2success and remind yourself that there are many amazing people that had the same if not a rougher start than you did, and succeeded in spite of it all. The journey to success can be demotivating if you feel like you’re alone, so it’s important to prove to yourself continually that it can be done.

If you don’t remind yourself of your vision and the path that you’ve written out for yourself, you’ll fall off track, lose momentum, and be right back where you started.

“You are either moving towards or away from success at any given time. What direction are you headed in?” – Joel Brown

5. Build your habits

Here’s another secret – habits trump motivation. For those times when you are challenged and are forced to work hard and fail, what truly matters are the actions you take.

Unsuccessful people let their emotions dictate their thoughts, which determine their actions. Successful people decide on their actions, which dictate their thoughts, which determine their feelings.

Get up early in the morning, even if you don’t feel like it. Exercise and fuel your body right, even if you don’t feel like it. Put in extra work, even if you don’t feel like it. Taking the right actions, whether or not you feel like it, will become a habit. And success will come.


6. Review your progress

Everyone knows that things don’t always go according to plan. So readjust as necessary. Continually review yourself and your goals so that even if you aren’t on the original path you planned, you’ll still be headed in the direction that you want to go.

See how your plans are going every week and every month. Ask yourself, what went well and what didn’t? When were you at your best? Is what I’m doing truly getting me closer to my monthly goal, and ultimately my vision?

When you analyze what didn’t go well, you prevent it from happening again. When you analyze what did go well, celebrate it. If something went well, that means you created success! Review constantly as you go along, and you’ll minimize losses and maximize wins.

Live your dreams

Imagine this, 2016 is about to end, Christmas just finished, and everyone’s getting ready for new year’s celebrations.

You open your computer, and happen to see the vision you wrote at the start of 2016. You consume every single word you wrote down…then shed a tear.

You’re living the incredible vision you wrote down twelve months ago, and are living the life of your dreams! Despite the hard work, challenges, and failure you came across, you persevered and achieved victory most people wish they had the courage to try for.

Are you going to start the 6 step process to create epic results in your life? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below! Check it here to get more information about John Chow
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