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Using 50 Article Directory Sites To Achieve Google Respect

Small Business Articles – Great Exposure For Your Business


Don’t underestimate how much you will need and don’t overestimate how soon there will be revenue.

Using the internet to build your business, it works for an online or offline business, and is a great way to increase your exposure to get more customers.

And one of the best resources available on the internet is small business articles. When you write an article and submit it to an article directory or a blog, you are vastly increasing the exposure of your business.
To get the greatest exposure there are a few things you’re going to need to do. For one thing you’ll want to make sure that your article is optimized with . And not just any keywords either, you have to focus only on those keywords that have fairly high monthly searches and low competition.  It’s definitely a balancing act. If you target keywords that have a lot of searches they will most likely have too much competition and will be virtually impossible for you to get a good ranking for.


If you focus on keywords that don’t have enough searches it won’t get you very much traffic for your efforts. Everyone has their own opinion of what a ‘good number of searches’ and ‘low competition’ really means. I’ve always used the guide line of at least 1,500 searches a month and less than 20,000 in competition and it’s worked very well.


Find your own guide lines and determine what works best for your niche.  Now that you’ve got a list of 10-20 keywords for your niche, it’s time to write several articles for each keyword. If you have 10 keywords you can write 3-5 articles for each keyword. This will give you a lot of great exposure online. Make sure each article is slightly unique from the last.


Now, you will submit those articles to online so they can be published. Don’t worry about the ‘published’ part. As long as your article is written by, under their rules it will be published.
One thing to remember, most article directories won’t let you do any direct ‘selling’ in your article. You will need to provide useful information but the selling needs to be done in the resource box at the end of the article.  This is where you can put a link to your website that people can click on and be taken to your site.The resource box is your place to shine. Make sure you make it something interesting. Pique your readers curiosity and interest. The more compelling you make it the more likely they are to click on the link and check out your site…which is exactly what you want to happen.


This method can work ell for most any type of business. The internet is an amazing resource for business owners and it would be just plain silly to not take full advantage of all it has to offer. Even if you can’t stand the idea of writing you can take full advantage of small business articles. In need of Article Directories?
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